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AirX Media for Broadcast Content Management

AirX Media is an automated content management system that works closely with AirX Playout Broadcast Automation servers, providing a comprehensive broadcast content management solution. This tool enables TV channel managers to automate the retrieval of schedules, playlists, media assets, and CG production content for playback.

This broadcast content management system allows operators to efficiently manage local content on AirX Playout Broadcast Automation servers. It also automates the retrieval of media assets from extensive repositories, making content readily available for multi-channel TV playback.

Through automated management, reduce content retrieval errors and manage your network traffic to lower the load on digital storage systems due to large video file transfers. Efficiently move and manage media assets between AirX tools, cloud-based storage, and third-party production solutions.

The system offers seamless integration with third-party vendor traffic systems and media asset management (MAM) platforms. It also converts playlists and schedules to streamline your channel broadcasting workflow.

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Key features

Copy media content to multi-channel broadcast servers for TV playback from local asset storage systems

Import graphic design files for broadcast production

Import, convert and schedule playlist files for automated management

Multi-server and multi-channel support for various AirX systems

Integration with a wide array of media content sources

Automated content download throttling to reduce the load on local playback storage systems

Prioritization of copy operations in content management queue

Automated content verification to check for AirX compatibility (incompatible formats and codecs are flagged)

Provides emergency asset access for live playback (available when cloud-based storage systems are used)

Digital content and playlist management through a web-based interface

In-built tool for media asset integrity verification during copy operations

Product highlights in Automated Broadcast Management

Content Workflow Automation
Automate Everything in Your Broadcast Channel
  • Reduce preparation time for TV broadcast operations. In this automated system, everything happens seamlessly.
Copy Content, Playlists & CG for Multi-Channel Playback
  • Eliminate human error in copying, scheduling, and managing media assets for playback through automation. AirX Media copies only the necessary content to the broadcast server.
Network Traffic Optimization for Broadcast Content
  • Limit network load by controlling maximum throughput when transferring digital content over channels.
Manage Asset Storage Costs for TV Channels
  • Let AirX Media manage your media assets on your AirX systems by automatically copying and caching only the content necessary for immediate multi-channel broadcast.
Mass Playlist Import, Conversion, and Upload Tool
  • Manage playlists from different systems with automatic format conversion and compatibility with AirX servers. Control all server uploads for your TV channels from this one cloud-based tool.
Smart Media Content Manager
Smart Media Content Manager
  • Save time in pre-broadcast media content preparation
  • Automation of all key processes
  • Eliminates human error
  • Stores all content on SSD drives to lower the server load
  • Simplifies channel workflow

Technical specifications

Supported storage systems
  • Online storage systems: DAS, NAS, NFS, SAN
  • Object storages: AWS and others, supporting S3 protocol
SD/HD/UHD formats and codecs supported
  • Video containers: AVI, MOV, MXF, MP4, MPG, BMP, TGA, GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF
  • Video codecs: DVCAM, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO100, HDV, IMX (30,40,50), XDCAM EX (SP, HQ), XDCAM HD (LP, SP, HQ), XDCAM HD422, DNxHD (36,145,220), AVC/H-264, MPEG2 GOP, Apple ProRes

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