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Supported OS

  • Windows 10 x64 or newer
  • Windows Server 2019 Standart or newer

System requirements


  • We recommend Core i7 or Xeon CPU with 3 Ghz or higher frequency (at least 5th generation) or higher
  • One CPU thread is able to decode 1 HD or 4 SD TS channels
  • For example: i7 5930k has 6 cores = 12 threads = up to 12 HD or 48 SD channels. Xeon E5-2667V2 has 8 cores = 16 threads = to 16 HD or 64 SD channels

Hardware Acceleration

  • For encoding and decoding operations we highly recommend hardware acceleration using NVIDIA Quadro P2200 or better


  • 8-16 GB RAM is recommended. It is important to use memory in multichannel mode (4 x 2GB or 4 x 4GB sticks, for example)

Network interface

  • We recommend a separate network interface for video streams
  • Summary bitrate of all IP Streams should not exceed 2 Gb/s per server
  • We recommend to use professional network cards, Intel I350 for example

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