StratoView 1.8: Cutting-Edge Tools for Superior Video Monitoring


The latest version of Telestrider’ premier software, StratoView 1.8, introduces an array of new features and substantial enhancements, making video stream monitoring more efficient and user-friendly.

New StratoView 1.8 interface

New Features

A major addition in StratoView 1.8 is support for the DVB-TTML format. DVB-TTML is a standard for embedding subtitles and textual information into digital video streams. This feature facilitates easy integration of subtitles and other text, improving the viewing experience by making content more accessible and comprehensible.

Support for the DVB-TTML in StratoView 1.8

With DVB-TTML support, operators can seamlessly monitor and visualize subtitles and text elements within their video streams, eliminating the need for supplementary tools or software. This is particularly useful for content creators and live broadcasters.

Another significant new feature is the ability to receive and analyze SCTE-35 markers in HLS streams via the EXT-X-DATERANGE parameter. This enhances monitoring capabilities for systems involving ad insertion, live events, and other critical OTT industry moments.

Support for SCTE-35 Markers in HLS Streams in StratoView 1.8

Enhancements to Existing Features

In addition to new functionalities, StratoView 1.8 includes key improvements, especially in video playback. The software now incorporates a new player that allows users to select and listen to audio tracks in preview mode for both live signals and archived recordings. The redesigned player architecture ensures faster video playback, minimizing wait times.

Improved User Interface

Video Playback: The upgraded player allows easy selection and listening to audio tracks in preview mode for both live signals and archived recordings, with a revamped architecture for quicker playback.

User Interface: The State Panel has been redesigned to enable group selection of objects and the addition of disabled services. Users can now view SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 ad insertions together in one interface. The enhanced SCTE-35/104 marker display widget supports multiple object selection and customizable columns for improved data analysis.

Object View: This new feature lets users quickly browse objects by type, streamlining data management and making it easier to address broadcasting issues.

Object View in StratoView 1.8

Comprehensive Benefits

StratoView 1.8 continues to offer a flexible and user-friendly interface, keeping users informed of parameter changes and providing analytical tools to prevent disruptions in broadcast production. The integration of new features and improved tools makes it a powerful, modern solution for managing and analyzing video streams.

Complete List of Changes:

New Functionalities:

– Support for DVB-TTML.

– Support for receiving and analyzing SCTE-35 markers in HLS streams.

Key Enhancements:

– Player: Ability to listen to and select audio tracks in preview mode for signal and recoding archives.

– Player: Faster player performance in signal review (default segment time is 1 second, reducing encoder startup delay).

– State Panel: Group object selection via ctrl in the State Panel editor.

– State Panel: Ability to add disabled services in the State Panel editor.

– SCTE-35/104: Upgraded widget for displaying 35/104 markers, allowing for multiple object selection.

– SCTE-35/104: Enhanced widget for displaying 35/104 markers with configurable columns, including “color” markers from XML.

– Object View: Added quick view for objects by type.

Bug Fixes:

– Database: Fixed auto-cleanup script considering free space checks when updating from 1.6 to 1.7.

– Database: Added multiple task execution in db-agent to speed up auto-cleanup.

StratoView 1.8 is crafted to provide a robust set of features with an intuitive interface, making it the ideal tool for anyone seeking advanced capabilities in video stream management and analysis.