Monitoring system for South Korean operator LG Uplus


LG Uplus Corp., one of South Korean`s leading mobile network operators, takes pride in delivering exceptional wireless services to its customers. As part of their commitment to maintaining broadcast quality and ensuring seamless content transmission, LG Uplus partnered with Telestrider.  

With five successful collaborations under our belt, Telestrider has been instrumental in providing the StratoView multichannel monitoring system. This cutting-edge solution empowers LG Uplus to monitor signal transmission, detect potential issues, and take prompt actions for a flawless broadcasting experience.

The StratoView monitoring system allows the user to control the process of signal transmission, detect possible problems or inconsistencies during broadcast and take necessary actions to eliminate them. Thanks to the multichannel functionality of the system, LG Uplus is able to monitor a large number of streams at the same time, ensuring uninterrupted and stable functioning of its broadcasts and content transmissions. It is an important solution for an operator that aims at providing its clients with the best experience with its services, ensuring high quality and reliability of the connection.

Key Achievement: Monitoring 400 TV Channels

Among notable accomplishments, the most remarkable one involved the delivery of the StratoView monitoring system for 400 TV channels, consisting of 120 SD channels, 240 HD channels, and 40 UHD channels. This advanced system has revolutionized LG Uplus’s ability to identify and resolve potential issues swiftly, thanks to its seamless scalability. By employing this state-of-the-art solution, LG Uplus can guarantee an outstanding television experience that captivates and satisfies even the most discerning viewers.

LG Uplus approached us with the challenge of monitoring a significant number of IP streams, comprising a total of 380 channels. Our customer sought not only the visualization of these streams but also error monitoring of both Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and Quality of Experience (QoE) related to viewer perception quality. Our solution included testing the streams themselves, as well as detecting and monitoring any errors that viewers might encounter, such as signal loss. Furthermore, the project encompassed video creation and analysis on mosaics, allowing for local or remote mosaic display.

The key technologies of Telestrider’s monitoring system were the following:

Analysis and coding of mosaics

A vital component of the TV broadcast monitoring system is the analysis and coding of mosaics. Mosaics involve the consolidation of multiple video or audio streams into a composite stream, presenting a web of small windows (tiles). Each window can display separate video or audio content, offering operators the ability to monitor numerous sources or channels simultaneously. This streamlined approach improves efficiency and control, enhancing the monitoring experience for operators.

The created mosaics can be displayed on local screens via cable connections or remotely through the monitoring system’s encoding and streaming capabilities. The widely adopted IP TS (Transport Stream) format is commonly used for transmitting data in digital television broadcasts. Telestrider coding of mosaics into IP TS streams enables seamless data transmission across networks and compatibility with various devices, ensuring smooth operations for LG Uplus.

Signal recording 

A specific LG Uplus project was requiring recording of 100-channel SDI and IP streams along with signal monitoring. To meet this aim, Telestrider integrated into its monitoring solution compliance recording component. Many countries mandate continuous recording of channels for a defined period, typically ranging from 30 to 90 days. Compliance recording, an integral part of the solution, enables not only compliance recording but also facilitates advertising statistics collection for comprehensive reporting. By seamlessly integrating monitoring and recording functionalities, Telestrider’s solution simplifies the process, providing LG Uplus with a unified and efficient system.

Local purchase of servers

Recognizing the logistical challenges and cost implications of shipping servers internationally, Telestrider offers customers the flexibility to locally procure equipment for their software. This approach ensures compliance with different customs regulations and eliminates the need for remote diagnostics or expensive shipping. Telestrider collaborates closely with customers, providing guidance on hardware selection and component integration, streamlining the overall process for optimal convenience.

Telestrider monitoring benefits: 

  • Comprehensive monitoring of signal quality (QoS) and viewer perception (QoE).
  • Support for multiple television signal types, including IP, SD, HD, UHD, and SDI.
  • Scalable solution for adding monitoring capabilities for additional channels.
  • The system isn’t limited to one server. Expandable architecture with the ability to aggregate information from multiple nodes and locations.
  • Visual representation of signal stream for quick identification and resolution of errors.  
  • Customizable user workspaces for personalized information display and system adaptation.
  • Robust access rights management ensures security and control.
  • StratoView system offers advanced functionalities, including QoS and QoE monitoring, signal coding, SCTE-tags monitoring and analysis, and support for various signal types.
  • Flexible signal recording options, enabling continuous or scheduled recording of IP, SDI, SRT, DVB, or other signals.
  • Telestrider expert support and guidance facilitate a smooth integration process, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term value.

Telestrider partnership with LG Uplus has yielded significant advancements in the monitoring of broadcast operations. With cutting-edge solution like StratoView, LG Uplus gains unparalleled control over their broadcasts, ensuring optimal quality, precise ad insertion, and seamless viewer experiences. Telestrider commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction continues to drive their mission of delivering exceptional monitoring solutions to the broadcasting industry.


Modular monitoring, visualization and compliance recording
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