AirX: New Features, Enhanced Usability, Reliable Performance


Telestrider presents the latest version of our multi-channel broadcast playout solution, AirX. This update brings significant enhancements, simplifying the management of broadcast events within playlists, expanding support for an extended range of advertising markers — including personalized ad creation —and providing compatibility with the latest HLS protocol formats for enhanced OTT service support. Software improvements aim to optimize operator time and resources by introducing automatic media file checks and exclusion of corrupted files. Additionally, metadata control and administration become more streamlined in the new version, thanks to a new mechanism that vastly accelerates the search for specific media files.

Key improvements and additions:

Expanded OTT Provider Support

HLS stands as one of the most widely used video streaming protocols, ensuring high compatibility across various devices and platforms. Over-The-Top (OTT) services utilize the Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol for internet streaming. In new AirX we’ve integrated the reception of HLS streams in new formats with ad marker recognition. This enables broadcasters to regionalize advertisements within incoming HLS streams from OTT operators.

Personalized Ad Blocks

Building upon this functionality, AirX new version introduces the ability to incorporate an extended SCTE-35 marker specification for creating “color-coded” ad markers. These markers contain information about the timing and spatial location of ad displays. Each “color” corresponds to a specific type of targeted ad display or its priority. With AirX, OTT providers can deliver personalized ads to individual viewers, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of ad messaging.

SCTE-35 markers support

Simplified Metadata Access

In the new version of AirX, a panel has been added for scheduling editors and broadcast producers, located to the right of the schedule. Users can now easily access key characteristics of each schedule item, such as file name, content title, and other parameters, speeding up the search and control of media file metadata and broadcast events.

Metadata editor panel

New Broadcast Event Management Mechanism

AirX introduces a revised logic for conditional transitions (cue/take) to enable more flexible broadcast management. Transitions between broadcast events in the schedule play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and uninterrupted television broadcasting. Operators can now transition to the next broadcast event in AirX (skipping multiple events) by simply pressing the corresponding button (pre-take cue) on the top panel of the AirX Channel Manager application. The new mechanism automatically skips previous events and moves to the selected one, preventing errors during transitions. This revamped conditional transition mechanism in AirX allows operators to significantly simplify and expedite live broadcast management.

Broadcast events transition panel

Added support for controlling the external graphics system Viz Flowics

Support for managing the external graphic design system Viz Flowics has been added. The Viz Flowics system provides interactive graphics, including for sports events. To work with such services, an HTML5 object will be added to the graphics system, which can be used in graphic scenes. Connection parameters to the Viz Flowics service have been added to the channel settings.

  Viz Flowics system in AirX

Enhanced PAM Capabilities

Substantial improvements have been made to the integrated Playout Asset Manager (PAM) component in AirX. A feature for automatic file parameter checking and exclusion of corrupted or incompatible media files has been added. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the performance of the PAM database, now capable of handling up to 100,000 media files.

Playout Asset Manager (PAM) in AirX

New Role in PAM: Content Editor

In addition to the Playout Asset Manager (PAM) enhancements, AirX introduces a new user role: Content Editor. This allows specific users to perform content editing tasks without needing full system access. For instance, a media content preparation editor can review materials, segment content, set scaling modes for the target program format, and add metadata for advanced program scheduling. However, they are not permitted to create/edit schedules or manage broadcasts.

New User Role in AirX

The AirX update is now available, and we’re confident it will greatly enhance your workflow and productivity. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of our product.

Thank you for choosing AirX. We’re excited to continue supporting you on your broadcasting journey!